Structural Works

We are a Brighton building contractors that carry out all types of structural works, such as basements, removing load bearing walls, propping and underpinning. If you require structural engineer’s drawings we are able to refer you to known and trusted engineers that we have worked with in the past.


We carry out projects that involve structural works by following one of the two procedures below.

  • Transformations can manage the project from the outset, from drawing the initial plans using experienced architects and structural engineers and then carrying out the build stage from this point
  • We often find that the client already has the plans drawn up. Transformations will then take over the project for the build stage and furthermore, is able to commence works at short notice due to the depth of resources of the company

We have formed strong alliances with architects, surveyors, structural engineers and trade specialists enabling us to provide the client with a complete construction service.

We are also extremely selective about who we choose to work for us. Transformations only employs the very best of tradesmen and we ensure before employing them that the ind

We ensure full project and site management for every project. We employ a truly structured approach to domestic building works with the right management in place to run multiple projects throughout central London.

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